Did you know why hair loss occurs? We explain the reasons and solutions

During certain times of the year and at specific times according to our personal circumstances, we all experience a problem that for different reasons makes our hair look more fragile and brittle. We must know the factors that weaken our hair to prevent its fall and make it look healthy and strong in a simple way.

Genetics, especially in men, is often the cause of hair loss. This factor is perhaps the most difficult to treat, as it is in our genes, but proper hair care can be of great help. However, there are factors that we should avoid to get healthy and beautiful hair.


In line with the above, we must know that the most common type of hair loss or alopecia we face is the so-called androgenic alopecia. Studies indicate that it affects 70% of men and 40% of women at some point in their life, as well as representing about 95% of cases of baldness in men.

This type of alopecia is produced by the following process. The hair follicles on the scalp are attached by various mechanisms, and those capillaries that are in the crown, or that go from the forehead to the forehead, have a different kind of anchorage to those of, for example, the back of the head. The anchoring of areas related to hair loss has a hormone receptor that can be damaged for reasons that we still do not know scientifically. When this happens, our hair becomes smaller and lighter, begins to fall out and no longer grows.


In addition to androgenic alopecia - the most common type of hair loss in humans - stress is very little friend of healthy hair. Whether physical or emotional, its effects are harmful. Although hair loss due to this factor usually remits over time, relationship exercises, as well as more efficient hair care through treatments, will help us improve its quality at this time.

The ideal is in the middle ground. Both excess vitamins and anemia are enemies of careful hair and cause their fall. In the first case, for example, an excessive consumption of vitamin A causes us to lose hair and, in the second, the lack of iron can also play tricks on us. Controlling ourselves through blood tests will give us a clue.

Other factors that we must reduce if we want to avoid hair loss are, among others, sudden weight loss, consumption of antidepressants or vitamin B deficiency. If we take into account these tips we will already have enough gain when taking care of our hair and be strong and healthy at all times.


In addition to becoming aware of the care of our hair and avoiding the aforementioned factors, we can count on an ally that prevents hair loss, especially in men. Caffeine-based products are a great help. For example, Alpecin hair loss shampoo stimulates hair growth from the root through caffeine and can be used daily.

The caffeine of this shampoo is introduced into the root, even after rinsing, allowing, in less than five minutes, its active substance is distributed throughout the hair until it adheres inside the hair follicle. On the other hand, its absence of plastics such as silicones allows an improvement of the capillary structure that will become evident in a few washes.

A study published in the International Journal of Dermatology confirmed not only that caffeine is a stimulant of human hair growth, but that the action is more pronounced in men than in women. The researchers biopsied men who were in an incipient stage of hair loss. They then exposed their follicles to a solution that contained different levels of caffeine, and also exposed some of them to DTH, the enzyme responsible for terminal hair. Shortly after the experiment, even the follicles exposed to DTH had grown, but that growth was even greater in the follicles exposed only to caffeine solutions.


If we combine a healthy lifestyle avoiding stress and eating properly, with the advantages that caffeine provides in preventing hair loss, we will improve our hair health. But in addition to caffeine, which activates the hair root and prolongs the growth phase, Alpecin also contains Zinc and vitamin B3 that keep our root healthy. This hair care is suitable for all hair types and we can use it every day.

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