Causes of hair loss

We find them in the brush, on the pillow or in our clothes: the hair comes and goes, and losing a little is completely normal. But if they are large quantities or the hair is becoming less thick, it is time to determine the causes of hair loss. We can help you.

If your hair falls out, there is no reason to be alarmed. Our hair has about 100,000 hair on average and goes through different phases in our lives. In one of these phases, approximately 15% of the hair falls and is replaced by new hair. Each hair has a limited life of between 2 and 6 months. Therefore, it is absolutely natural that in the end they fall.

We only talk about hair loss when it falls more than normal. This is the case if we lose about 100 hair a day or if the mane is clearly waning. Finding the cause of hair loss is important for treatment. The cause can be found several weeks before hair loss occurs.

We generally differentiate three types of causes of hair loss , each with its reasons:

- Hair loss due to genetic causes is the most common and affects mostly men. Here the growth phase is shorter, the hair is faster and weakens over time. Start with the entrances, with the poorest root, and then the hair on the back begins to fall out. This type of fall also affects women during menopause. However, they usually lose the hair of the crown.

- With what is known as diffuse hair loss, the hair becomes thinner and the scalp more visible, but there are no hairless pieces. There are several causes of hair loss but this type of hair loss can be stopped with the right treatment . This gallery shows you possible causes of hair loss:

Possible causes of hair loss

Causes of hair loss: Excessively tight hairstyles

Some hairstyles such as tight braids put a lot of strain on the root. Especially when we take them daily, so we are always pulling the roots.

- In the case of what we know as bald (alopecia areata), round hairless plates form relatively quickly. This type of hair loss usually affects children and young people, but it can also be repeated years later. Although the causes of hair loss in this case are not clear at all, medical professionals believe that it is a wrong reaction of the body directed to the hair itself. 

If you are already suffering from hair loss, it is better to visit a doctor, taking into account the duration and severity of the fall as well as other symptoms. That is the way to find the best treatment.

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